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Marie Eisenhower
shipping rates outrageous! Reply

    Why are your shipping rates soooo High. I ordered 3 photo books and shipping was based on each individual book. there has to be a better way.My shipping was almost $24 Which is crazy when flat rate shipping can be around $10.
    Your killing us on the shipping.
    Then I placed another order for a photo book which I received an email with a discount about. which said " $6.99 Hardcover photo book with FREE shipping" So I am ready for $6.99 !
    Then I was charged $8.49 ! the price of the book was $11.49 then when I entered the discount code it took off $10 and some change then charged me $7.99 shipping. The discounts are so messed up!
16/4/2009 21:09:38
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