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Starr Taurus
Scrap stuff from Starr Reply

    I am by NO MEANS a designer, heck- I just started digital scrapbooking within the last few months. But I occasionally make something because I need it, so I'll post it here in case anyone else wants to use it also.

    I was doing a dandelion page, so I needed a good dandelion element. I used one that I took a photo of myself, so feel free to snag it.

    Included twice- the same pic just flipped horizontally, since I can't find a way to do that on Artscow. It's in PNG format, so the background is transparent (although you can't tell in the JPG previews). I promise the PNG looks better than the preview.

    download here:

    JPG previews:

6/5/2009 1:25:16
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