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Issues with setting up kits Reply

    I'm trying to upload a kit I've made, but I'm having a few issues.

    1. The uploader isn't great - it crashes midway through uploading files if the files are big (not over 20MB, but over 1 or 2 MB). It is taking me forever (many hours) to upload my kit despite quick internet access.
    2. I'm trying to upload some files and they just don't appear at all despite the upload seeming to occur. The file is essentially the same as all the others in size & type and yet it won't upload.
    3. The masking for the frame makes no sense at all. I've made the file a png file, so it is a mask in its self I suppose, but the explanation of how to make a mask doesn't make a lot of sense. I tried some randomish numbers and nothing showed up on the preview as being any different than before I put figures in the box for the mask.

    In the future I'd like to be able to make pages suitable for 5x7 and 8.5x11 as the layout will be different to a square page. I would also like to offer layouts for the front & back covers and the spine.

    Thanks for this new feature - I like it and I will persist to get my kit uploaded, somehow.
12/5/2009 19:55:07

RE:Issues with setting up kits Reply

    hi Miriam,

    Thanks for your interest with our Designer Kits.

    I have edited something for you, you can have a look at your kits, I just created two sample pages for you. And make it public already, you can see your kits here.

    You can change the scrapbook page yourself.

    For frames issues, if you don't set as "frames", but set it "embellishment", then the images under this "frame" will not move when moving the frame itself.

    Enjoy selling kits in ArtsCow.

    If got any kits problem, you are welcome to post questions here.
12/5/2009 22:43:24

RE:RE:Issues with setting up kits Reply

    Hi Berry,

13/5/2009 5:36:35
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