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New member and disappointed Reply

    So I was totally in love with this site, the software everything about it. As I can see many posts about the 'grey area' I am beginning to realize I am going to have to redo 60 pages in photoshop and try to make a deadline of Wed to place an order. I am new at this so I was unaware of a 'bleeding' area. I see all of these suggestions but still don't have the answer. I have pics and words that are cut off on all sides. I am using a template purchased from designer digitals.... One you drag, drop and control g in photoshop. Does anyone know if I can group all the layers together so I do not have to move them all in individually? There are so many layers it will take me days to do it that way. But if there is a way to group my layers and move at once all togther sort of contract it....anyone get what I am asking??

    I would love to use this site so please convince me! :( I am saving a ton of money from not using Shutterfly who is way overpriced.

26/5/2009 14:07:02

RE:New member and disappointed Reply

    hi Netalia,

    For your case, I just created an sample for you, check your "My saved designs".

    Click Zoom Out button 5 times (must 5 times, to get perfect results). And you can add background image or background color for it. Some members used this method, and it did work well.

    There is no other way except to re-design it. At least 5-7 days to fix it.

    For front cover, back cover and spine, please download template here:

    Please remember, next time, when making scrapbook pages, add 1/4" bleeding areas for us to trim.

26/5/2009 16:33:11

michael Stoddart
RE:New member and disappointed Reply

    in photoshop use xtrl hold it down and just click on your layers they will all be selected and you can move them
4/6/2009 11:07:23
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