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Question about 100-pg photo book Reply

    Before reading that the 100-pg photo book coupon will only work by using the id 416 link, I had already started working on a 100-pg photo book by adding pages from the 30-pg photo book link. I already had so many pages done from the Artscow digital scrapbooking program that I just did not want to start all over after having completed 80 pages already... Since I can't use the coupon on this particular 100-pg photo book that I made, would I be able to use promotional codes (I read from someone's post that you will offer those later after the trial run) on my book? Or, would I get the same pricing for 100-pg photo books or will I have to pay more by paying .50 cents a page?

    My book is called: "Rehearsal & R Dinner"

    I would really like to order this book eventually, so please help!
27/5/2009 1:01:08

RE:Question about 100-pg photo book Reply

    We are going to offer flat rate for 60, 80 or 100p photo books soon, but it will not work for 20p or 30p's upgrading to 100p.

    Because of software limitation, it can work with 30p upgrading to 100p. Sorry about that.

27/5/2009 12:56:20
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