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kris fortner
processed order or not? Reply

    Artscow I like your site and plan to use you for my photo needs, but i have called your company 3 times and left voice mails and i've sent numerous emails and I get no response! Why would I cont to do business with a company that won't even respond to my messages? All I wanna know is my order processed? Did it go through? I bought a $30.00 book and I don't know if it went through or not and it's been 3 days, the money hasn't left my account, someone please let me know so I'll know when to expect it or know if I need to reorder or not. Thanks in advance, K4TNER...
10/6/2009 21:57:43

RE:processed order or not? Reply

    hi Kris,

    Thanks for your choosing

    Sorry, we located in Hong Kong, you need to call us during our office hour. Which is about 12 hours different from USA.

    For your photo book order, I just checked for you, it is still "waiting payment status", which means you haven't finished the order, we still didn't get the payment, if payment successfully, it will show "PaymentOK" status, thanks.

10/6/2009 22:57:22
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