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RE:my free kits Reply

    >Hi everyone, I was just reading the problems people are having with the kits turning into a payment at the end. I was not aware of this either as a designer. i thought if you downloaded them when they were free you got to keep them for free. Therefore, every kit you download from me. Will be free for 2 weeks. including the week it started. So you know. I was going to change it as soon as the contest ended but I think people need more time to finish their books. Hopefully this helps someone. I think they should change that rule. I do not mind letting people have a kit for free here and there in order to win the prize. I say once downloaded it is yours. If other designers agree we should all let berry know that.
    >my kits are at

    Thank you for explaining your policy. I wish ArtsCow would pick one day a MONTH (two at the most) that the kit prices can change. That way we know as we are working on our projects, we know when the prices might go up. It takes me days, sometimes weeks, to finish something. And I use lots of different elements from various kits, making it expensive if they all go up while I'm working on it.

19/6/2009 3:51:42
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