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Later Exp Credits Used Before ABOUT TO EXPIRE Credits Reply

    I have placed an order for items which I had free credits about to expire. For some reason the credits used have been subtracted w/ a later expiration date leaving me with the about to expire credits, which invariably expire and I have lost double credits. WHY does this happen and how can I get my credits back? I should not be losing these credits - the ones about to expire should be used up first, THEN ones with a later expiration date.

    Please help.
25/6/2009 18:54:22

RE:Later Exp Credits Used Before ABOUT TO EXPIRE Credits Reply

    Well, I'm about to lose credits for items which I bought several of in the past week. Somehow the credits got subtracted with later expiration dates, and now I am going to lose the ones which expire in a day because I didn't use ALL of the credits I had for that particular item at once. I had planned on saving them since most of them didn't expire for a while. I'm a little upset.
28/6/2009 23:53:02
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