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Recieved my book today! Reply

    I am extremely happy and overjoyed with my new book, service, and packaging!
    This was my first book with ArtsCow. I ordered the 8x8 size. I scrap-booked some pages with my digital kits and I scraped with ArtsCow's kits to make comparisons. Both were wonderful! I have ordered books from WinkFlash and Blurb and find ArtsCow to be just as good as Blurb, if not better! The paper is not quite as heavy, but the color is truer to my computer. It is way better then my WinkFlash book. The only mistake I found was my own - I have a little white line on the cover...but it is my fault - I did not fill the page container sufficiently.

    I'm ready to upload more pictures and start more books! Thank you for such a nice book. It took lest then 2 weeks from order to door!
3/7/2009 4:36:30
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