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Change 30 page book to 20 Reply

    Could someone please tell me how to change a 30 page book to a 20 page book?
9/7/2009 2:48:49

RE:Change 30 page book to 20 Reply

    Until Artscow fixes the coding, you must start from scratch w/ a 20 page book.

    If you want to take a chance, if you've already completed 20 pages and don't want to start over, you can write to customer support and ask if they can fix the code to make your book a 20 page book. You may or may not get a response though. It sounds as though customer support doesn't have the greatest track record.

    Wish I had a better response. Hopefully Berry or Ruby will respond w/ a fix to your problem.
9/7/2009 7:47:19
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