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Heather Halvorson
Photobook quality/returns? Reply

    I ordered an 8x8 photo book on July 20 and received it on August 3. Processing and shipping time was fine, the problem was that when I opened the package all the pages were stuck together on the right hand side and when I peeled them apart the ink and some paper peeled off and stuck to the opposite pages. It was like the pages weren't dry when the book was assembled. Since the background is black this wasn't acceptable.

    I emailed customer service about it and was told that I would have to return the book to them at my expense in order to receive either a new book or refund. I'd like a new book so I sent it back to them on August 6 via USPS even though this doubled the price of the book. So far I have not gotten word that they have received it back and a replacement hasn't been shipped out to me. I expect that if they haven't received it yet they should get it in the next day or so. I don't know if they email you when they get the returned items or if you just have to wait and see what happens.

    The couple of questions I have are:
    Is this typical of the quality at Artscow, has this happened to others?
    I have several other photo books I would like to order but want to be sure I won't be sending them back as soon as I get them.


    Why is it that when I read the forums some people seem to be able to send in photos of the damaged products and get replacements but some have to ship the product back? With customers in the US this is a high expense and a long turnaround time.

18/8/2009 1:02:24

RE:Photobook quality/returns? Reply


    Your situation does suck, and to me I would consider it unacceptable. I will try not to focus on should have's, would have's because we never know, but I will throw one in there in answer to your ? about why do diff people get diff responses. I can only guess, but I think it has to do w/ who you deal with or how persistent you are. Here's the SHOULD/WOULD have for me. I would have persisted and sent photos insisting it was not MY wrongdoing and I would not return the book. HOWEVER, you are past that stage.

    Here's what I do know about the replacement process based on my own experience, and deductive reasoning. When AC determines a replacement is necessary, they treat your item as a new order. So it gets placed in the cue with everybody else's order. So, your book has to wait its turn to be printed and shipped to you. I do not know in this case if AC will wait to receive your returned book before the order is generated to replace your book. I would assume that to be the case as the representative handling your case has determined that is the next course of action.

    I would recommend posting on the Letters to CEO forum and make the following requests:
    1. A replacement book be initiated by AC now.
    2. You be credited for the shipping you paid to send the book back to AC which was clearly damaged as a result of AC's processing issue.

    I feel it does help to mention the portions of your experience with AC which were good to show that you have not lost complete faith in them yet, but that you are expecting them to live up to their end of a common business transaction.

    Oh and yes, similar situations have occurred with other customers. I do not know if they are occurring less often or not. For all we know, the customer service representative you spoke with was not following guidelines and bringing this to AC's attention might be welcomed as a measure of quality control. I always like to give the benefit of the doubt.

    I wish you the best of luck.
18/8/2009 4:07:55

Alan Poh Aquarius
RE:Photobook quality/returns? Reply

    Actually a photo of your damaged book to artscow support shld do, I had done that for 1 of my orders.
    You had sent out already, so this is just in case u got another damage book.
    U can check your order history, it will show up once your item is received & processed.
23/8/2009 23:01:11
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