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purchasing a book in "Community Gallery" Reply

    This may seem a bit odd, but can I purchase someone else's book I saw in the Community Gallery? There a 2 fantastic Disney books I would consider purchasing so I could make a similar book for myself. How do I do this?

28/8/2009 23:06:58

RE:purchasing a book in "Community Gallery" Reply

    you can only purchase or clone a book if the person who designed it selected those options when they uploaded it to the gallery.

    If the option is there to 'make a book like this' or 'purchase' it will be in the top right hand corner when you are viwing the book

    if the options aren't there then afraid you can't purchase or clone as the person it belongs to has chosen not to make it available - most likely because they are family pictures in this instance


28/8/2009 23:33:57
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