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Suggestions on customer service for Berry Reply

    It sounds from some posts here that your customers are feeling poorly treated by staff at customer service. At least part of the problem is the language. When a person cannot speak a language well, then even if the employee is doing their very best to be responsive and nice, their replies can seem cold, blunt, rude or obnoxious. That can occur just because of subtle cultural differences and may be unavoidable. However, I think your phone person is having difficulty answering questions because they cannot understand the questions very they resort to "if you no like, you can no order anymore" Aside from the fact that this illustrates the employee's poor command of English, it indicates that they are telling your customers to go away if they aren't happy. Customer service exists to retain unhappy customers, who already know that they can take their business elsewhere and are trying to stay with your company. As CEO of your companyyou DO NOT want customer service telling people to stop using Artscow!
    Certainly for the telephone customer service employees, their English needs to be superb or communication will fail.

    Also I've found that customer service doesn't always know what is going on. The 099MCPurse coupon didn't work, and customer service e-mailed me that it was because I didn't place the order at midnight Hong Kong time (which I did) but you sent an e-mail to another customer saying the code wasn't available. Why didn't customer service know that and tell me that to begin with?

    Customer service response needs to be consistent. Sometimes customer service tells people to photograph the problem area of their book or their item to document it via e-mail, but sometimes they ask people to return the item at the customer's cost. One poster here indicates that she was told that a canvas with a rip down the center had to be returned at her cost because it was a promotional priced product and that you would have treated her differently if she had paid regular price. All customers should be treated similarly. Otherwise you are unfairly luring folks into paying for products they cannot use and that is very poor business practice and you will lose customers.

    And of course, hanging up on customers (as described by one post here) is terrible.

16/9/2009 22:30:24

mary Libra
RE:Suggestions on customer service for Berry Reply

    Did you ever get any response to your suggestions?

26/11/2011 13:08:08
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