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Brooke Adkins (My-Time Scraps)
Questions about my lastest Kit. Reply

    I have a question for you , Ok so I had this great Idea I was just going to keep adding all my QP to the one kit but come to find out you can only make 60 scrapbook pages , So the Problem is that I upload my layouts as embellishments and then drag and drop them into a scrapbook page and add the photo spots to make it easier for who buys it . But If I can only do 60 I have already reached my max of pages in that kit , should I make a new kit and when it gets to 60 keep making new kits or should I stick with the 1 kit and if you buy it will have to do the work of move them to your page and stretching them to fit adding the photo layouts . what do you think is best? (what would you buy)


    this is the kit Im talking about click on the picture <a href=""><img src=""0"></a>
27/9/2009 8:03:07
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