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Shadows or no shadows? Paper Strips? Reply

    Hi there,
    I am wondering which type people prefer?
    Elements with shadows or without shadows?

    Also, so you like kits with "paper strips" in them too? And do you want the paper strips to have shadows?

    Just wondering :)

28/9/2009 20:50:30

Starr Taurus
RE:Shadows or no shadows? Paper Strips? Reply

    Hi, Mikki! First off, I totally love your designs. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

    About shadows- I prefer them, especially since we can't create our own on the artscow editor.

    Paper strips sound fun, too...I haven't used them too much yet, but hopefully I'll start getting more talented with my scrapping and will start using them more.

29/9/2009 10:12:22

RE:Shadows or no shadows? Paper Strips? Reply

    I don't like heavy shadows. Light shadows are nice. Heavy shadows at a high angle dropping down far can look like PS-gone-wrong, but a light natural shadow adds a nice touch to it.

    I do like paper strips/scraps.
5/10/2009 0:12:30
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