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Lee Jones
Can I download kits to my PC? Reply

    I'm new to artscow so forgive me if this sounds idiotic...

    I'm working on a photobook layout in photoshop on my PC and have downloaded some kits/embelishments and the like from other sites, but is it possible to download the kits from artscow to use in the photoshop layout as well? Whenever I click "Add to my kits" I have no idea where that goes to but would very much like to have access to the items to be able to integrate them into my own page layouts in photoshop.

    Thanks for taking the time to give the newbe a hand. ;)
9/10/2009 14:04:44

RE:Can I download kits to my PC? Reply

    Sorry, kits can't be downloaded to your pc.
9/10/2009 22:45:04
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