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Seven Disappearing Kits Reply

    Suddenly I have 7 Kits in my roll-down that are empty. The space is still there showing zero contents but because they have also lost their front cover I do not know what Kits have disappeared. I hope that 'holes' haven't been left in any of my books that I might want re-printed. There may be a reason why they have disappeared, but it would be good to know which Kits they are so I can insert alternative embellishments etc. in any 'holes' I may have in my books.
15/11/2009 18:24:38

RE:Seven Disappearing Kits Reply

    I am guessing that the designer of your kit has deleted the contents. Several of the designers were disqualified from the competition and had their cash prizes taken away and one of them may have taken their kits down as a result.
    Either that or Artscow has deleted them for some other reason (maybe copywrite issues) as I know one designer was booted off for copying another designers kits and selling them as her own.
    Without knowing what kits they were its really difficult to say and afraid theres no way of knowing what impact this will have on your saved designes.
    Were they free or paid kits?.
15/11/2009 21:28:09

Norma Hall
RE:Seven Disappearing Kits Reply

    It is very frustrating. This happened to me too. Several of mine have disappeared.
17/11/2009 6:27:23

RE:Seven Disappearing Kits Reply

    That sucks. I thought it was "pay for kits and you can always use them."
    Did you double check that the "hide used images" on the bottom right of the screen is not checked?
    Were they free or paid kits? Was it from one designer? I thought that if a designer deleted a kit, it would be removed from the store.. but still be able to be used by those who already paid to use the kit permanently.
19/11/2009 10:16:06

RE:RE:Seven Disappearing Kits Reply

    I looked through my kit list, and about a dozen are gone/empty. I hope they're not ones I actually paid for (not free) and made items with-- I don't buy kits to have them vanish within months after purchase. If they can, I'll only go with free kits from now on.
20/11/2009 3:56:25

RE:Seven Disappearing Kits Reply

    Dear all,

    Please include the photo book's project name in my saved design, and the photo book designer id, it can help our programmers to check, thanks.

8/12/2009 23:18:49
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