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Alisha Jennings
Free Codes Reply

    Well I won't be using these before they expire so if anyone needs them, feel free! Just leave a note so others know what is taken! Thank you!

    1 Jewelry Bag 08/28/2008 Expiring soon, Time Left: 3 days 20 hours 50 mins No 7ccnj85h3pwh

    1DiscountCredit Jigsaw Puzzle (Rectangular) 11/04/2009 12/04/2009 No s9uddkeyg4ym Order Now

    1DiscountCredit Belt Buckle 11/04/2009 12/04/2009 No jyi3rcm8bd1i Order Now

    1DiscountCredit Pencil Case 11/04/2009 12/04/2009 No 28c59v1d89rt Order Now

    1DiscountCredit Hand Towel 11/04/2009 12/04/2009 No 7gpi7lzruwo2 Order Now

    1DiscountCredit Money Clip Watch 11/04/2009 12/04/2009 No l9ex4kbji1tf

    1DiscountCredit Business Card Holder 11/04/2009 12/04/2009 No 2b73ipap6uyt

    1DiscountCredit Jigsaw Puzzle (Heart) 11/04/2009 12/04/2009 No 6j5nazzmafih

    1TransferIn Round Metal Watch 08/28/2008 02/28/2010 No ycuny228ygpx
25/11/2009 1:41:07

RE:Free Codes Reply

    Thank you for the rectangular puzzle & pencil case
25/11/2009 2:57:03

Sonya Spencer
RE:Free Codes Reply

    ty for the jewelry bag
25/11/2009 3:38:01
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