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Stephen Benham
I want to create a classic canvas bag Reply

    Hello all. I have a couple codes for the canvas totes that measure 19x14 inches. I am just wondering what the design area is? How large? I see in the silver light designing it is a rectangle that is centered on the front, but what are the dimensions? I am asking this because I want to create a design in Photoshop to save as jpeg and place it on the bag. Thanks.
12/6/2009 12:48:26 AM

RE:I want to create a classic canvas bag Reply

    You may notice in the product description, underneath the general description, there is a heading "Ideal Image Size in Pixels"; this is the area given for the actual image. So for the tote bags, it's 1800 x 1200

    It's a relatively large portion of the bag, especially compared to what most sites let you do. Look at the images posted underneath the product description for an idea of proportion.

12/6/2009 1:52:40 AM

Meta Meulenbelt Cancer
RE:I want to create a classic canvas bag Reply

    Hi Stephen,

    A tip: you can also save in PNG with a transparant background and upload to Artscow. In that way you can create any design you want, you don't have to create something rectangled!

12/7/2009 7:46:13 PM
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