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RubyLB Libra
Redeem 5 Free Photo Books Today Reply

    Posted on FaceBook:

    Continuing from our previous newsletter with the free credits theme, we have prepared a set of 5 free 8" x 8" twenty-paged photo books for you. These hardcover photo album books maintain professional quality printing, using thick glossy paper and are ideal for keepsake purposes.

    Fully customizable front and back covers and unlimited combinations in terms of layouts, themes, shapes, borders and embellishments, you can now compile your own set of personal photo books and share them amongst family and friends.

    Log onto your Credit & Discount section and validate the coupon code below.

    Coupon Code: 520P8X8BKS
    Expires on: 12/28/2009
    Credits Effective Period: 30 days

    Claim your free set of books now.

    Want more?
    Use our ArtsCow Coupons Application to get extra 5pcs free photo books.
21/12/2009 22:18:11

RubyLB Libra
RE:Redeem 5 Free Photo Books Today Reply

    This was also sent out via email
21/12/2009 22:30:32
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