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Mug came broken. Return it? Reply

    I bought a custom designed mug.

    It was put into a box and the box was wrapped it a bit of bubble wrap.

    But the mug inside the box was left to be thrown about. This resulted in the mug handle to be snapped off.

    If the mug was properly packaged, then I cannot blame artscow, I can blame the postal service. But this was just poorly packaged for such a fragile item.

    If I return this item, do artscow accept the responsibility and refund and ship a new one at their cost? Or do I have to pay for it all again?
29/12/2009 14:08:44

RE:Mug came broken. Return it? Reply

    hi Ryan,

    Sorry about that.

    Send email to our customer service, and attach a photo of broken mug, no need to return.
29/12/2009 21:38:59
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