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Ann Aries
Coin Purse LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

    I received my 2 coin purses yesterday in the mail and just loved them. I got one for myself and another for my mother in law. I am sure she is going to love it also. I showed it to other family members and they just loved it also. I guess I should find some more pictures and make them some also.
2/2/2010 21:51:10

RE:Coin Purse LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

    Do you mean the mini coin purses? I love them sooooo much!!
2/2/2010 23:23:05

Vitor Ribeiro
RE:Coin Purse LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

    Yap, the mini coin purse it's amazing. i've done 8 so far, everybody love's them.
    yesterday my other half went to a coffe shop and the barmaid asked where she order that. i just love it!! will be ordering more and more, as soon as they have some good promotion on them.
3/2/2010 13:55:10
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