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Cathy Wade
Can you tell me a quick way to add photo's Reply

    I want to add about 600 photo off my computer. I download the silverquick or whatever it is called, but how do I had a whole album for my computer at a time instead of adding one image at a time then after I've got them all added upload them
4/2/2010 0:36:48

RE:Can you tell me a quick way to add photo's Reply

    I would be careful about doing too many at a time because sometimes the connection locks up. But, you can choose the multi-uploader right from My Albums, or within Silverlight, and when you choose your images, click on the first image in your folder and scroll to the last image, hold down shift and click on the last image to highlight all images in that folder. Then click on Add and Upload. To play it safe, you might want to try 20 images at a time at first to see how well they do, depending on the size of the images.
4/2/2010 0:55:36
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