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Any feedback on colour quality of photobooks Reply

    I'm just wanting to do some more photobooks and wondering what the colour quality is like at the moment. I ordered a few around Christmas time and the reds were pretty off and skin tone etc. At the time I put this down to the Christmas rush and quality control not being "quite right".

    Just wondering if any body can give any feedback at the moment. I don't need the colour to be perfect and I'm looking for well priced options which is why I'm looking at Artscow.

    Thanks in advance.
20/4/2010 14:27:57

Albums to Remember
RE:Any feedback on colour quality of photobooks Reply

    I just printed two 12x12 albums and was thrilled with the color quality. No issues at all. Everything seemed to be what is was supposed to be. The colors were deep and rich and it all looked so nice. I was thrilled!
23/4/2010 0:51:07

RE:Any feedback on colour quality of photobooks Reply


    The red skin tone issue has been a long term issue, not just through the holidays. It is not consistent as to when it will occur and when your books will come out more favorable. I also don't know if some files are more likely to continue to print more red than others. i.e. if you reprint the same book over and over, it may continue to print more red whereas a different book might not have the same issue. It does appear that the majority of books that AC prints do NOT have the red skin tone problem, but it is enough to constitute concern. I personally have not ever had this problem, but if I were to rely on these books as a product for resale, I would find another company. However, as they are for personal use, and I DO like the price tag when there are free credits and coupons, I continue to purchase here. But I know that there will always be a gamble on the quality.
25/4/2010 23:20:19

RE:Any feedback on colour quality of photobooks Reply

    Thank you both for the feedback. I think I'll try again with the books. Now just need to work out why I'm not getting emails about discounts.
26/4/2010 4:15:21
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