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Tiffany H
pm help? Reply

    I have no idea how to check a pm. can someone explain?
27/4/2010 9:04:51

RE:pm help? Reply

    To check PM's, near the top of THIS screen, click on the Orange CONTROL PANEL. Then click on Messages. Then Inbox.

    To send a PM, click on the person's name you wish to send a PM to. On the next screen, on the top left hand side there will be a place you can click to "send a private message".
    This will take you to a generic looking e-mail screen. Just note that names are erased on PM's and we are only assigned numbers, so I like to be sure to include my name out of courtesy.

28/4/2010 11:07:43

RE:pm help? Reply

    Good to know. Thanks!
24/6/2020 2:27:21
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