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Michelle Culpepper
Photo book question 12x12 Reply

    I just got married and I am going to make a 12x12 photo book with all my engagement, wedding, reception, bride/groom photo shoots, "trash the dress" and some honeymoon pics. Basically, our fairy tale story book. Does anybody have any idea how thick the 12x12 book is with 100 pages? Also, in the pricing for the 100 page book, is one "page" a single sided of a piece of paper (50 pieces of paper = 100 pages)or does one "page" mean one piece of paper with the front and back sides included(100 pages = 200 sides)? I hope I haven't confused anybody!! xoxo
28/4/2010 23:39:30

RE:Photo book question 12x12 Reply

    100 pages is not that thick of a book. The book is 1/2" thick outside cover to outside cover; the actual pages are only 5/16" thick. Each "page" is a single side of a sheet, as denoted in the Photobook Designer. Just like normal pages in a book that you read. :)

    Congratulation by the way!!!!
29/4/2010 4:49:43
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