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changing a 20 pg book to a 30? Reply

    Can I add pages to a 20 page book to make a 30 page book and get the discount? I started a 20 page book about a year ago and when I was almost done I realized it wasn't the 30 page book. Can I add the pages to finish up my book, it would take at least 30 pages.
8/5/2010 7:48:41

RE:changing a 20 pg book to a 30? Reply

    You click on 'save as' and you get to choose another name for your project & choose a difference size/number of pages in the your book.

    It won't be a free 20 page book anymore - that only applies to 20 page books. But the good news is that there is a discount code available at the moment for 30page photobooks with free shipping - check your e-mail or facebook.
9/5/2010 15:04:05
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