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RE:RE:The new way for kit designers to design, and easy way for members to enjoy the pro designs. Reply

    hi Danielle and Kristen,

    Good questions!

    For all design templates, they will be reviewed before you can see it. It takes about 24-48 hours for revision.

    If someone wants to use your templates, you will get 10% of item's cost, no price of the kits. If we are running 4.99/each 8x8 Photo Book Promotions with free shipping, you will get profits of $0.50/each book sold.

    Here are the several advantages for using the design templates:

    1. We will change the browsing structure, when users want to create a photo book, they will have to browse the current "design templates". Here is the link: , if they do not like all current "design templates", they can start from scratch.

    2. Based on our current order history, only a few experienced users will go to gallery, copy your kits and pay the kits. We just did a test in these days, 1,000 memo pad orders, there are over 50% users are using the "design templates" here. It is really an exciting number, exceed our expectation.

    3. "Design templates" are now not only just for photo books, but also for all our current personalized products.

    P.S.: Design templates must use your own designer's kits, do not include other designers' kits, otherwise, they will be rejected, thanks.

8/27/2010 10:22:32 PM
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