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RE:RE:RE:The new way for kit designers to design, and easy way for members to enjoy the pro designs. Reply

    >> I can really see the appeal of the templates Berry. They are a great idea - I noticed that a lot of people who ordered mousemads and memo pads with the facebook promotions the pictures were off the product or not filling completely so they will be great for folks who are not so confident.

    so, will it be possible for you to give us a couple of days advance notice of special promotions so that we can get new templates into the gallery in advance all ready for the promotions?

    also, how will we know if a template is not suitable? - will we get an email?

    each time a template is used will that show in our cash dollars as normal please?

    and lastly can designers have an area 'my templates' in their account as well as 'my kits' - I have several hundred designs and sample products and it can be time consuming to plough through them all

8/29/2010 9:12:58 PM
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