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RE:RE:RE:The new way for kit designers to design, and easy way for members to enjoy the pro designs. Reply

    >>This is fun stuff Berry.
    >>Can you just clarify this for me ... you said
    >>If someone wants to use your templates, you will get 10% of item's cost, no price of the kits. If we are running 4.99/each 8x8 Photo Book Promotions with free shipping, you will get profits of $0.50/each book sold.
    >>So the kits used in the templates will then be added to the purchasers kits. What if they again use that kit for something else. Are they then charged for the kit? Or is the kit now theirs for free?
    >Lil, that's a great question. So if a customer buys a 8x8 photobook no shipping, we get $0.50 for each book and the customer gets access to the kit forever? If so, I'll have to rethink this, as there are some sports kits of mine that I don't want to give away (basically) for $0.50.

    I agree ... I hope they can clear that question up.
8/29/2010 10:04:50 PM
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