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RE:RE:RE:RE:The new way for kit designers to design, and easy way for members to enjoy the pro desig Reply

    >hi all,
    >For this case,
    >So if a customer buys a 8x8 photobook no shipping, we get $0.50 for each book and the customer gets access to the kit forever? If so, I'll have to rethink this, as there are some sports kits of mine that I don't want to give away (basically) for $0.50.

    >If a customer use the design templates repeatedly, designers will get 10% repeatedly, and the customer will not own the design templates they used.

    Hi Berry ... so the customer uses the template. Now the kit (or kits) that were used in that template go into 'their kits'. Basically I just want to know if they can now use parts of those kits to make other stuff without paying for the kits.
8/30/2010 9:43:50 AM
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