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RE:RE:The new way for kit designers to design, and easy way for members to enjoy the pro designs. Reply

    >I've designed quite a few memopads (not quite 20 yet), but I'm confused as 3 or so of them were rejected as 'not suitable' and yet they were very similar to other ones that were accepted (just different colours, etc).
    >Can someone clarify why this might be happening? I'm loathe to post links in case the memopads that were approved might somehow become 'not suitable'.

    yes, can we please have an answer to this Berry? It seems that the confirmation of templates is somewhat inconsistent. For instance some of my haandhags has been approed while another identical but for the background has been rejected.

    I spent several hours creating a stylish but complex frameless calendar only to have it rejected - why is it not suitable please?
    The albums made with the same frameless kit and another similar calendar have all been approved so I don't understand.....
    With books I have templates where the same design has been approved in 12 x 12 and 8 x 8 but rejected in 6 x 6 even though I meticulously checked all the pages and frame sizes.

    It seems that different approvers are working to different and somewhat arbitrary rules

    It would help if you could explain the common reasons for rejection so that we can all understand better what is needed and avoid wasting time.

9/3/2010 2:51:10 AM
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