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my orders Reply

    I am very concerned about my orders. I have emailed customer service 3 times now. Each time I am being told to give it more days. I am being told my order number 2558504
    was shipped on Dec. 24th. It has never takem me this long to get ANY of my orders. I have other orders as well that I have not recieved. I have asked if there was a tracking number to track my orders and I have been told no give it more days. I am very concerned about this!!! It's not like I am saying hey place my order and ship it...I'll pay you in a few more days. Last order I recieved I was given a code for 25% off plus free shipping because the order had taken so long. I went to use the code and it is CHEAPER for me to NOT use it then it is for me to use it. It raises the cost of my order 10 to 15.00 after entering the code so. I would say that is NOT a discount what so ever. I do like artscow ALOT and enjoy making photobooks etc but, I would like some answers because if this is the way things are going to be done now I will stop using artscow and let all my friends know what is taking place as well. We can all find other companies to shop with. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!!
    Thanks, Gayla
21/1/2011 12:51:50
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