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LOVE the fleece blanket~ (with pics) Reply

    I ordered this medium fleece blanket and I LOVE IT~! It's much better then I ever expected. The colours are excellent, words and pictures are clear and vivid, it's soft and has a nice piped trim all around the edge. And it's quite large - 50" x 60". This is going to be perfect to drape over the back of the couch where the 2 cats lay. I also included in this blanket our cat that went to kitty heaven this past summer at the age of 16. Next time they have them on promotion, I'm definately ordering some different blankets!! Thanks Artscow again for creating such wonderful products!

    This blanket is a free template which is here:

    Let me know what you think ...
    You can see all my free templates here:

    I have many categories of kits here:
1/29/2011 7:36:25 AM

RE:LOVE the fleece blanket~ (with pics) Reply

    Very nice, Lil!
1/31/2011 8:32:07 PM

Rick Conley
Title:Equine Photographer
RE:LOVE the fleece blanket~ (with pics) Reply

    I ordered the extra large fleece blanket and must say that we are also very pleased with the results. The only thing that I have noticed is that there is only printing on one side and the other side is white which will probably get dirty pretty quickly the way I will be using/displaying the blanket. Other then that however, it is really great! Here is what it looks like. We hung it from the balconey in our home and I had my wife stand alongside the blanket to give some size perspective:

    Rick Conley
3/25/2011 1:26:32 AM
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