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Customer Service disappointment Reply

    I had 3 calendars (Order number 2594368) that I wanted to print using the special offer in January. I had them ready to process the Wednesday before it closed (Sat) and put the payment through. I got an email the next day saying it didn't go through. I tried again and it still didn't work. I worked out on Friday that my Visa card was an old number and then changed it. And once again, put it through. On Saturday I'd not received any confirmation that it worked so I logged in again to see if I could try paying for it again. All that came up was a "wait Payment" and the system wouldn't allow me to click on any links to check the correct number.
    Realising that the special deal finished that day, I sent an email to the customer service department explaining my predicament. I received an email back on the Tuesday saying the special had finished and it couldn' be honoured. Given the difficulties I had, and that I'd requested assistance prior to the special ending, it was very disappointing. I would now think twice about using Artscow if their payment system is unable to back up their usually outstanding product.
31/1/2011 17:50:41
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