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Suggestion for new product for everyone! Reply

    Hello. I was looking today around a bunch of stores for a great little piggy bank, or money bank that I could use at home for pizza man tip money, but all the ones I could find were very childish or poorly made. I'd love to do one for saving for a vacation, or emergency money or a new baby, wedding gifts, soccer funds, other such occasions, the ideas would be nearly limitless. It would be great if you offered one we could customize with a theme and photo of our choosing! Just a plain square box with a slot for the money, hole in the bottom, no fancy shapes, just a classy white would even be better than what I could find. Any chance you may make them?
    Thanks for taking the time to listen either way.
    Also, would still love to see some custom guitar picks! But I asked for them already.
29/6/2011 2:59:56

RE:Suggestion for new product for everyone! Reply

    Dang it, double post, sorry!
29/6/2011 3:00:40
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