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Different covers/backgrounds/etc.? Reply

    I'm totally new to this. I started making a 20 pg 8x8 photo book, but would like to use something other than the covers and backgrounds they offer when the design page opens. How do I do this? Sorry- I'm sure this sounds so silly.

3/7/2011 5:44:35

RE:Different covers/backgrounds/etc.? Reply

    there are hundreds of free templates to choose from for your books or other products.
    If you select create your own stuff in the top menu then go to the product page for the item you want - say ornament, you then get the choice different styles - round, star, snowflake etc. Click on the one you want and it takes you through to the design it page. You now have several choices - you can click on one of the templates on the home page, you can create your own from scratch (you will need to download silverlight for this). Or you can click on the show all design templates and scroll through for templates that you like. Lastly you can search by individual designer - click on show all deesign templates then add the designer name in the search bar after the product description - so for my templates you would add catvinnat and it will say 'ornament catvinnat' Hit search and it will bring up all my ornament templates. You can add, remove and resize any of the elements in the template. All templates are completely free to use.

    You can also copy an item if a designer has enabled this option. In this case you would have to pay for any paid kits the designer has used so its better to find it as a template (not all items are templates - only a kit designer can make a template)

    To add items from other kits you will need to add the kits that you like from the scrapbooking section into your kits by using the add to my kits button. They then appear in your kits on the right hand side in silverlight. Some are free, some are to buy but you only pay once the first time you use a kit and purchase the item.

    Hope this helps
    See my free templates here -
    See my designer kits here -
3/7/2011 9:00:42
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