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RE:RE:Why a 20 page photobook Reply

    >Dear all,
    >The reason why we can offer such low pricing for a long time, it is because we are using "stitch bound" and "machine binding production line" on our 8x8 photo books. The quality of photo books with machine binding and stitch bound is much better than glue bound and hand binding.
    >Stitch Bound Advantage:
    >All our photo books are stitch bound (not glue bound), allowing you to flip pages and spread the book out flat without having the binding crack. (Glue bound books often come apart especially in hot climates where the glue melts.) That is why we can't offer pages more than 40pages, because of limitation of stitch bound.
    >Hardbound by machine:
    >We have pre-made several different hardcover molds to fit different pages. That is why we can't offer 4 pages to be added each time. (Since these molds are very very expensive.) So, if those photo book makers are allowing you to add 2 pages each time, they are definitely using the cheap "glue bound" to make your photo books. Keep in mind, the cost of "glue bound" is much lower than "stitch bound".
    >You can choose to leave page 21,22,23 to be blank, or you can add $1.50 to make a perfect photo book. $0.50 per page is very low pricing, you can see others are charging $1.00 per page (8"x8").
    >Some members may ask why we don't offer 23pages directly instead of 20pages? The answer is simple and easy to understand. Because this $1.50 can help us survive better. For each photo books with promotion, all of them are losing money if you just choose 20page version, no adding pages, no removing logos. You can see our cost structure here.
    >Thanks to those members who have removed logo, added pages to 23, 31 and 39pages. You help us survive better.

    Not a very good practice if you ask me.

    If you are confident in you product quality, you shouldn't mind loosing some money on one promotion. The only thing is that you should limit use of the promotion to let's say 1 photobook per address and make it impossible for the person to remove your logo.

    That way, the person will know what to expect when paying full price and you can make sure that if your product is of good quality, the person will order for sure. Price is important, but if the quality is not there, the person will not reorder.

15/8/2011 3:46:52
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