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Who does the's work? Reply is an company. is setup individually from, because we believe that online digital photo prints, custom photo books, calendars, greeting cards and personalized photo gifts will be much more popular than before. It is a new and great business opportunity for us. will bring the lowest pricing prints, photo books and other photo gifts. Our 400 Free Photo Prints and 1 8x8 Custom Cover Photo Books promotions are very very successful in the beginning, there are over 16,000,000 free photo prints and 40,000 8x8 custom cover photo books been granted to all new registrants until last week.

    The average age of ArtsNow management team is 32 years old only, we are full of vitality, originality and creativity. We will do our best to make this great system running well, keep lowest pricing for all prints and photo books, and grow up quickly.

    For more details about background of, please visit's About Us.

    Chief Executive Director
5/23/2008 5:00:52 PM
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