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Suggestion for ArsCow Reply

    I recently ordered prints from ArtsCow for the first time and was surprised at the lack of an easy cropping feature for prints. When I ordered prints from other photo sites, they usually give you an option to adjust the print very quickly right on the page. However, ArtsCow has a very difficult to use, cumbersome, and extremely time consuming manual adjustment cropping where you have to guess and reload multiple times to get the picture cropped.

    I love Artscow so much and was always impressed by the ease of operating their design and customization tools. Needless to say I was shocked when I ordered prints from ArtsCow that the cropping/adjustment option was so difficult to use. This would definitely make me more likely to go elsewhere for prints. Just wanted to suggest that the cropping be improved to be more user friendly- I would be surprised if others have not suggested this before.

    Great job otherwise and I hope your team will consider making some changes on this issue.
7/2/2012 4:54:07
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