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Jennifer Sneed
Has anyone had problems with flat magnets fading? I just did. Reply

    I just got an email from a customer informing me that the magnets they ordered from me on Etsy(flat oval vinyl ones)became faded after being on their car for just 2 weeks. Has anyone else put magnets on their car? Artscow says they are "weather, water, and fade proof". This is the first time I have ever been disappointed with something from them. I am not angry, though, and I have changed my descriptions to recommend these as inside magnets instead of inside/outside. I would just like to know if there have been others with this issue. The magnets were simple. White with black images. Thanks everyone!

    And, Artscow, if you are listening, could you test the permanence of the inks on these magnets again?
1/3/2012 15:17:11
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