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When it's good ... but when it's bad ... Reply

    I was very impressed and loved my Christmas ornaments from 2011, so when the Easter special came, I ordered several dozen. Upon arrival almost half of my ornaments were extremely disappointing. Washed out colours, blurry, smudgy, printed offside. I used images I have used before and did not have a problem with. Because I have been so pleased with my other recent purchases I just assumed it was "one of those things". Imagine my annoyance when I ordered a dozen mousepads 2 weeks ago which so impressed me I ordered another 12 almost immediately, only to have them arrive today and half of them are so poorly printed that I would be embarrassed to give them away. Colours were absolutely appalling, poorly cut, misaligned and crooked printing, blotches and smears. To be fair, half of them turned out very well. Of course the one I needed (and had printed and received previously in perfect condition) was dreadful. Is it always going to be a hit-and-miss proposition?? While I believe the equipment used is fully automated (I could be wrong) surely there should be something like QUALITY CONTROL on the finished products before they are shipped?? When Artscow get it right it is awesome, but I can't keep investing in products that aren't reliably up to standard. Returning sub-standard products is unlikely to happen due to the costs involved. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review this situation. I can't be the only person to have these problems.
13/3/2012 12:33:11

KLH Sagittarius
RE:When it's good ... but when it's bad ... Reply

    Have you tried emailing customer service? Sometimes they will accept a photo of the bad product destroyed (cut or something) instead of having to ship it back to Hong Kong. Hope they resolve your issue quickly, it's no fun to wait in anticipation for the products only to have half of them print poorly.
    Kristen Youles

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13/3/2012 20:11:33
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