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Photobook review. Reply

    G'day one and all.

    While one can not complain about the product one receives when it is free but I can not help but wonder if Artscow take short cuts in printing when the photo books are free.

    Don't get me wrong I have used Arts Cow's paid services in the past and been bloody happy with them but this 5x7 photo book does not do justices for the bright colors and the IQ from the Canon 7D.

    The photos them self look like they have been printed on a low end color printer and it looks like noise from using a high ISO, to be honnist I was expeting some thing better as every one goes on how good they are, maybe I need to get another one printed but in a much larger size and see how that goes.

    Would I use it for Pro work, it depends but looking at this photo book I got done I would say for now, no.

    Seeing as I only paid postage I can not be too hard on the product but all in all I would give it 6 shutterbugs out of 10.
25/6/2012 17:11:10
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