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lost all my credits!! Reply

    OMG I can't believe this. Two days before the Christmas deadline and all my credits/discounts have disappeared :(
    I went to verify my fb account to use photos directly from there for one project. It took several hours for artscow to confirm the address from that account and when I went back in to resume my project everything was gone gone gone.
    Huge list of credits gone.

    And since it takes them at least 24/48 hours to get back to complaints the Christmas deadline will have come and gone.
    I see it wiped out all my emails too and shows me as a new user, though my most recent posts are still there.

    In all these years I've never been so disappointed in ArtsCow.
1/12/2012 19:43:37

MsTinaK Gemini
RE: Reply

    PHEW> seems to be back now that I logged back in....
1/12/2012 19:48:45
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