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    One of these days I will learn my lesson and read a companies reviews/complaints before ordering from them. I ordered four items on December 9th and was just advised that the items have just gone to shipping, and that it will probably be another 10 - 12 days for delivery. Really screwed up Christmas. There were so many items I wanted to order after Christmas, but not anymore, you just lost a customer.
22/12/2012 12:13:16


    The company is in Hong Kong.

    There's no way they could print products and send it by normal mail between Dec. 9 and Dec. 25. That's only 10 business days. You really thought they could print and ship in 10 business days from Hong Kong? Yes, shipping and production takes a while, especially if ordering internationally.

    Plan ahead if you order personalized products. I would order at least a month and a half in advanced of when I wanted the product by. Two months would be better. Once you get used to planning ahead when ordering, it's easier to wait the-- usually-- 3-4 weeks to receive an order. With the free coupon codes where you only pay shipping, the products are priced pretty well here.

    When you order, you had the option to choose Fedex. Shipping times are listed on that page where you choose standard or Fedex shipping.

    Shipping rates are high since it's all the way in Hong Kong.
23/1/2013 15:05:07
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