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Lisa Johnson
Interested in seeing a flat wallet women's clutch purse Reply

    I'm sure you've all seen those rectangular snap shut flat clutch wallet for women? I would say the probably measure 4" x 7" x .50 wide. With slotted insides for creditcards, cash, ID etc. Most of them right now seem to be faux reptile cover but there are smooth simulated leather or other products out there. I think THAT would be a terrific item and ready to order a heck of a lot of them!

    So far I am absolutely thrilled with Artscow's delivery, quality and available items. What I would like to see more often is the '3 x $______' with free shipping. Preferably 3 for 9.99 or something.My thought is that if you can do it for 3.33 each you should do it for 3.33. I know we're not all doing this to profit from, but I am! And I know Artscow is!

    Do you have now or have you considered wholesaling out bulk orders of any given item?

    I realize this is a long email, but I'm hoping to get a couple of these questions answered.

    Thank you!
    Lisa in Oklahoma
10/9/2013 23:31:17
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