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Jarle Wallevik
5 orders, all failed, got reciept. Reply


    I ordered 5 mousepads from Artscow, 4 with PayPal and 1 with a credit card. After i had payed, i got to a page which said it would redirect me to artscow, but not a single one did, just stood there at a white page forever.

    Instantly after ordering each one, i got a notification from PayPal, confiriming the transaction. Here is one of the transaction IDs: 77115660F51410429

    Anyways, after each one i bought, i went to My Account and Order History, and each one i had paid for was under the status ''WaitPayment'', even though the money was withdrawn from my PayPal.

    So now, adter a couple of hours, every single one of my orders except one has the status ''PaymentFailed''.

    What the hell ArtsCow? Why are you taking my money, and stating that the payment is failed? Please return my money or send me my mousepads.
    Thank you.
26/9/2013 2:26:36

RE:5 orders, all failed, got reciept. Reply

    hey Jarle Wallevik,

    Thank you for choosing

    We are sorry about this issue. As our webpage was under maintenance, there may have been issues on obtaining orders. According to our email record this had been resolved. If you still have further inquiries, please send email, please do not hesitate to contact us at "" so that we can assist you accordingly.

    Thank you.

    Customer Service Representative
30/9/2013 16:36:32
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