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jp2code Virgo
Title:Software Developer
Creating a Calendar for our Forum Reply

    Hello! I am new to

    I came here to create a calendar for our forum to use as a fundraiser.

    Each month of the calendar is composed of a collage of photos contributed by forum members.

    About half of our members are in the United States, a quarter of them come from European countries, and the rest are scattered in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South America and India.

    Last year when I did this project, I used another website. I had to collect payment from individuals and fill their shipping information into the website's order form because there was no mechanism in place for me to hand out a URL to the product.

    At, there are three things I'd like to accomplish:

    1) Have a URL that I can pass out so members can process their own orders

    2) Have a website that can ship items Globally. Since is headquartered in Hong Kong, I would hope they offer this. I do not know.

    3) Add $2 or $3 to the price of each calendar to go towards the maintenance of our group forum. This is important, otherwise there is no point in having this fundraiser.

    Does anyone know if can do all of this?

    If not, what portions can be done and what portions can not?

    Are there any suggestions fro others?
10/10/2013 22:08:13
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