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8" * 8" photo book white area / grey area Reply

    I am using indesign to create my book, I set up the pages as 8 inch * 8inch or 2400px * 2400px, which is the site suggested.

    The main problem is, when I upload it online, in the online design page, the white area is not 8 inch * 8inch.

    I know u can zoom in or out, or add color bg to avoid the white bg shows up in your final design. However this is not fit my design.
    Also, I found out that, the cover , and the back page are fit with the 8" * 8" size jpg file, but not the pages inside.

    So, I am wondering what is the best size for me to make my design to fullfil the whole white area??????????????????

    My design has the word or picture placed near the corner, thats why the method zoom in/ out, or add color bg is not useful for it.

    Please provide the actual size online for the customers, so people can make better design.

    P.S I used the online chat to ask this qs, but seem like the workers doesnt understand the qs. If I MUST put word, and photo at the corner, how can I make sure my size will fit the white area. not adjust the picture. If the white area is 8 inch * 8inches, this problem should not be happened.


18/3/2014 12:50:46
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