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Debra MacV
RE:Copy one whole finished design from one square/round item to another square/round item Reply

    >I would very much like when I have made a nice square or round design for one kind of item (that I am very happy about with different embellishments and photos) to be able to use that on another square or round item or part of item, kind of like a personal square/round template. As it is now I have to start all over again and then I struggle remembering from which kit I fetched this or that part etc. It would be so nice to just be able to copy the whole design from one square item onto another square item and the same for round objects. That would make series much easier and much less time consuming. Trine

    Especially for such similiar items as buttons and magnets! I was surprised that I could not "save as" one magnet to a different sized one like you can do with books.
23/2/2011 18:05:00

RE:Feature wanted (Post all your features wanted here, thanks!) Reply

    I would really like to be able to edit photos.

    I would like to be able to copy completed layouts including all elements that I have completed for one item and use it in another item.

    What happened to the opacity tool?

    I would like to be able to stack backgrounds, meaning that I would have the ability to resize the top background and have the bottom one still peaking out too.

    Most of all, I am begging you to add a drop shadow feature that could be used for photos, elements, frames etc. Shadows add so much to the completed product.

    It would be nice to be able to lock together several elements and move them around the page without having to move every item piece by piece.

    Hopefully somebody reads this...
5/10/2011 1:26:21

RE:Feature wanted (Post all your features wanted here, thanks!) Reply

    I'd like to be able to add more then one background to a page. So half a page in one background and the other half in another etc.
18/11/2011 7:30:31

RE:RE:RE:Feature wanted (Post all your features wanted here, thanks!) Reply

    I've just tried a photobook and am generally happy. What I would like to see is:
    1) A choice of matte finish for the standard photo books;
    2) Offline software would make sorting photos and layouts easier and quicker (so I don't end up uploading unused photos);
    3) Option for a photo to span across two pages in the stardard book (I am aware the gutter does not lay flat, but a landscape photo spanned across two pages still looks good); and
    4) Improved method of aligning photos (rulers, grid, and snap-to position etc...).


    >1. More fonts will be added soon.
    >2. For more pages, we will think about that. Because when it is more than 40pages, we can't do stitch binding, but glue binding (as you know, we don't like glue binding).
    >3. For text and layout problem, we have improved it already, now you can do "Free Text" and "FREE Layout", anywhere you like, and add as many texts/layouts as you like in single page.
    >4. Advanced features are available now, you can do scrapbooking in our photo book designer online, thousands of embellishments .
27/9/2013 11:03:59
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